Half Hourly Metering

What is half hourly metering?

Quite simply, when you have half hourly metering installed at your premises it sends a reading of the electricity used in your building back to your provider every half hour, throughout the day, usually through a fixed or mobile phone connection. So there’s no manual reading and your usage is constantly monitored and up to date. As such, it provides totally accurate reporting and analysis to enable you to manage your electricity very cost-effectively.

What are the benefits for my business?

Many large UK businesses have already  converted to half hour electricity metering and realised average savings of around 10 and 12% a year. But because half hour meters are primarily designed for larger users with higher consumption rates, some companies could find converting to them quite costly, and many SME’s are opting to install Smart Meters instead. Comparatively cheaper than HHM’s, Smart Meters operate in much the same way and monitor and record consumption at part hourly intervals, proving the same cost-efficiency benefits. And whatever size of business you are, we can help you maximise your savings.

There are environmental benefits too

All businesses that use half hourly metering are also eligible for inclusion in the carbon reduction commitment or CRC programme - the new government carbon emissions trading scheme. So the environment benefits too.

Do I already have half hourly electricity?

It is simple to check if you already have half hourly metering by looking at the meter. Firstly the number will begin with an S followed by two rows of numbers. If the top row starts with 00 you have a half hour meter. If you don’t, arranging installation with any supplier is as easy as getting a quote from us. Which is what you should do next, whether you already have a half hourly meter or not. Then you can start seeing great savings too.